“A talented producer and wonderful player” – Kuljit Bhamra MBE

“Powerful” – Kaptin Barrett – Boomtown

“An absolute joy to work with” – Laura Kriefman – Guerilla Dance Project – Crane Dance Bristol

Performed over 70 shows at Glastonbury Festival

Performed for Womad, Isle of Wight, Boomtown, Beautiful Days, Secret Garden Party, Looe Music Festival, Larmertree, Port Eliot, Shambala, Royal Festival Halls, How The Light Gets In, Pennabilli, Kulturkosmos Fusion, Afro-C, Gentsefeesten, and countless more…

I’m a musician, composer and lyricist, a player of mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, guitars, fiddle, percussion and what have you. I sing roughly. I love traditional folk music from Britain, England in particular, but I’m also known for my love of eastward leaning sounds, from the far side of Europe all the way to India.

I’ve played in Klezmer bands, Bhangra bands, Romani bands, Punjabi, Irish and English bands, funky bands, punky bands and bands who mash all of these together.

I like my music rough and raw, wearing its heart on its sleeve.

I want it to sound like woodsmoke, and water, blue skies, forests, hedgerows, fields and deserts.

I’ve played huge arenas and concert halls, but secretly, in the woods, singing songs round the fire is where I’d rather be…